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Patio Cleaning Liverpool


Patios are now a fundamental component in any stylish green space. Did you know your property’s value is automatically raised if you have one? They also allow you to host outdoor dinner parties, entertainment, and so much more. However, don’t forget that these slabs are exposed to the environment at all times – year round. That’s why they require regular attention and maintenance. Else, dirt and other undesirable elements will take their shine… Ensure your patio gets the regular cleaning it needs by hiring our Liverpool professionals. You’ll benefit from our years of experience, and won’t need to provide any equipment. Wow visitors to your home from now on.


You’ll receive: Prices that won’t change – how large is your patio? Take a measurement. The cost of your service will be based on it. You won’t be charged by the hour Real results – any dirt will be quickly removed from your slabs. We can also take care of grime, moss, weeds, algae, chemicals, and much more Multi-purpose pressure washers – your job needn’t be limited to your patio. Ask us to clean your driveway, garden furniture, fences, and wooden decking too! Assistance from experts – pick technicians who’ve performed thousands of services. Don’t forget, we’ve been professionally certified Total consideration – give us your feedback after the job is done. Your opinion is of the utmost importance to us. Your satisfaction, our only goal! Why not also book weeding and pruning? It’ll keep your garden in shape. Or you could check out our expert garden design. We’ll give you a brand new green space. Take note – if you schedule more than one service, you’ll get a discount. YOUR SERVICE – STEP BY STEP Connect with an expert adviser by phone, or online through this website. You can contact us at any time. Before you get in touch, take a measurement of the area you want cleaned. This will allow us to give you a no-obligation cost estimate. But bear in mind, this reading doesn’t have to be accurate. It will be confirmed on-site by a professional before your service begins. Your patio cleaning services will be performed like so: a technician will come to your premises. We’ll need access to both running water and proper drainage. You can hook us up to any external tap. There’s no need to panic if you don’t have one. Our team has all the nozzle standards currently used in the UK. This means taps in your kitchen and bathroom can be used as well. Once the equipment has been set up your patio will be pressure washed. The process will be quick yet thorough. Afterwards, you’ll be asked to inspect our work. It’s really that simple! CERTIFIED CLEANERS WHO USE INDUSTRIAL QUALITY MACHINERY Our equipment is incredibly powerful. It enables us to guarantee a speedy, effective service. You won’t even need to pay extra for it. Our teams have been specially trained in their use. Once we’re done your patio will look like new!